Support a person

This studio was about designing Light Weight Structures. Our second project was to design a chair which could hold the weight of a person.

Our idea came from noticing my partner’s previous project material. We realized that the foam board was a quite light weight material and might be strong enough to support a person when tried. So, we started testing our assumptions. We decided to make a demo model first. Now for the design of the chair, we started with the matrix design and after several iterations came up with a shape which would best support the weight of a person; which looked like a hashtag sign. Later we then decided to cover it up with a seat made of foam and foam board.


One of the criteria of the project was to make use of fabric. To fulfill that we used the bookbinding material and its strength to tighten up the gaps in between our foam board matrix. As a result, we managed to make a pretty strong base for our stool. Now for the seat, we cut out a piece of foam and stuck it to a same sized foam board. To make the bond between them stronger we used the bookbinding material again. After several tests, the seat automatically took a curved shape, which gave the stool a nice look and made sitting on it more comfortable.

After finishing the model, we weighed the stool and found it to be just 350gms, which to us was astonishing.