Recreational Center

Every city has the power to generate a surplus of amenities. But we find that in bigger cities, amenities are inversely proportional to the true happiness of people. The lifestyle is forcedly surrounded by the form of congested traffic way, more congested apartments, population, noise etc.


The project is to be developed as an entertaining club comprising recreational along with the leisure facilities. The art and craft emporium with exhibition and workshops will be one of the major attractions of the club. The catchment area of complex will include all coherence and harmony in overall development would exist.

Most of the recreational centers are closed conditioned boxes with high-end facilities to limited segment of people without considering any other aspects.

The connection between different programs and functions must not be transparent. Instead views would be obstructed, creating a progression of spaces, which only gets revealed once you move from one space to the other. Each space gives merely a hint of what is about to follow.

Breaking the box to insert life into it. Courtyards may be used as a social or even environmental purposes but now the composition has its own character.

The idea of climatically responsive design is to modulate the conditions such that they are always within or as close to the comfort zone as possible.

In hot climates where heat gain is to be minimized, trees can be used to cut off the east and west sun. Planting deciduous trees is very useful in this climate. In these regions vegetation can be employed to maximize airflow.