In year 2100...

Projecting Change: Building Heritage in Rising Waters

This Adaptive Reuse studio focuses on Historic built heritage and the consequences of environmental impact in the form of global warming and its effect on weather, sea level rise and storm surges.

We will propose design interventions to address the plight of the given sites in the not too distant future. These proposals will be presented to the public using augmented reality and virtual reality as a tool. The studio will conclude with a public event in which the design interventions will be presented using Google Cardboard glasses and VR equipment.

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Projecting the change in shore line of Newport since 1777, through the means of a flip book


Accommodate Water

 Working with the water rather than against it.

Incremental Change

 Initiating resiliency-infrastructure changes in phases spread over time.

Preserving Community

Creating a new layer of life while maintaining the existing sense of scale and community.

On a micro level our concept is to manipulate the existing fabric of the neighborhood, preserve the sense of scale and community and make sure the change they will go through is incremental over the next 100-year. Our intervention starts with digging a canal through Bridge Street to deal with the overflowing storm drain. And with time and necessity, we propose all the streets in the neighborhood to be converted into the same. As we go through years, we suggest the houses as well as the streets to be afloat on buoyant foundation and therefore rise gradually with the rise in water level. As you can imagine, a new layer of living would be hosted by these elevated houses and streets and they would be designed to integrate the new activities and modes of transportation for the community, which would hinge on water.  

As for the macro level, we propose the edge of the Point to be transformed to high raised battlements for wave attenuation. In addition to that our aim is to help protect the shore line and to do that we are introducing our ecological barrier islands. This structure would not only break down wave action but would also help in providing habitat to the rich ecosystem of marine life.

Projecting Change - Year 2025

Projecting Change - Year 2100

The MA Spring Studio, "Projecting Change: Building Heritage in Rising Waters", sponsored by the Van Beuren Charitable Foundation and in collaboration with the Newport Restoration Foundation, invites you to an exhibition of our work at 74, Bridge Street, Newport, RI on the 26th of May, 2017, between 5:30 and 7:30PM. 
The Studio's work explores possible design solutions for the Point Neighborhood with regards to sea level rise and climate change.

Come join us for an evening filled with some fascinating augmented and virtual reality!