Interactive Art Museum

Pumpehuset is an institutional building in Copenhagen with a history stretching back to the first stone setting in May 16th, 1856, completed in spring 1858, in use from July 1st, 1859 and initially serving as a water supply station for the Copenhagen Municipality.


Being an adaptive reuse project, I suggested to add 2 more buildings within the vicinity of 5 instead of altering the existing. The additional buildings supplemented to the better circulation and would help in maintaining the balance within the museum.

Interactive Art Museum because it engages with people. It connects them with their environment — and it impacts the way they feel, think, and behave.

The idea is to let sensory dominating elements combine within the design — where analysis and strategy can go into a design process that aims to touch occupants intellectually, physiologically, emotionally, behaviorally, and even spiritually.

There are 5 main buildings in this premise, each building would hold an exhibition and the aim of each exhibition space would be solely dedicated to each sense and transient the visitor into another world.